It’s no secret we live in a modern world, but did you know the average person’s ability to focus has been dropping drastically?

You’re not alone when it comes to struggling with:

  • Keeping up with the normal day to day routines and maintenance habits that regulate the core of our lives.
  • Seeing yourself as being capable of living a productive life.
  • Suffering from mental or health issues from a lack of consistent self-care.
  • Feeling constantly weighed down like it’s just not possible…

Hi, I’m Stephanie, and I help people overcome the mindset struggles in their daily life that keep them from building the life they want to live.

For far too long you have been telling yourself all the things you can’t do. You’ve been beating yourself up and living with the self-resentment and guilt of never living up to the standards you set out for yourself.

It used to be normal for me to be in this total state of chaos, dishes piled in the kitchen, disorganized papers… my whole entire life and health was a wreck.

I envied the people who had their lives together but couldn’t fathom how anyone could manage to have a tidy home, healthy lifestyle and habits, and positive outlook on life.

Clean Eating About Health Coach

My health was struggling, my energy was zapped, and I felt worthless

  • I tried to improve my life…
  • I started habit journals, but forgot to keep up with them…
  • I made lists, but lost them…
  • I berated myself constantly and just cried myself to sleep because I felt so ashamed of myself for not sticking with yet another plan…

I was drowning most days.

The transformation

But then I learned about mindset and it completely changed my life.

It opened me up to the realization that I was literally looking at everything wrong, that is... my mindset was completely off.

I started to see that the thoughts I had about myself, my life, and my future were actually stopping me from achieving anything.

It changed everything for me because once I began working on my mindset… everything else in life seemed so much easier.

But it wasn’t easy… I worked for years on learning how to fix my mindset and habits, but now I’ve developed a process that helps people achieve their goals 10x faster than I did.

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Marie L.
Interior Designer
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Marie L.
Interior Designer

Our habits are important, but we can't cultivate them without the proper mindset first.

I struggled with these issues for years, and the entire time I felt so alone. It was like no one really understood me, and I just wanted a little encouragement, and some support.

That’s the person that I want to be for you.

By becoming a certified Health & Wellness Coach, I learned how to cultivate a mindset that reaps productivity and can help anyone achieve a life of happiness, high energy levels, and the opportunity to enjoy many, many more years. As a Certified Health Coach, I have an immense drive and a wealth of knowledge to share with you and help you achieve your health goals!

In addition to bringing you comprehensive studies and resources based on science and medically proven research, I also have the personal experience to guide you and support you as you work to reach your health goals and reclaim your life!

Meet the coach

Stephanie McCannon


I’m so glad you found me here! I’m a Certified Health & Wellness and Organization Psychologist who is determined to put you a path to feeling happy, healthy and vital.

After years of being a CEO, mother and wife I was diagnosed with an autoimmune disorder.

Even though I was perfect weight, did cardio 5 days a week, ate what I was being told was “healthy”, I was dying….way too early and leaving my young children motherless.

I realized I did not like the treatment options being offered by conventional medicine (drugs, surgery, early death) I dove into researching and finding integrative health protocols that provided immediate relief and lasting results.

We are bio-individuals and need to take into account our life, experiences and opportunities of well-being.

There is NO one size fits all, and not one perfect meal plan or exercise regimen that will work for everyBODY. Your body needs and deserves its own understanding and that is what I provide.

I want you to have the health, happiness and vitality you want and deserve!

Welcome to your new beginning.

Let’s Connect!

The world’s greatest achievers have all said that an important key to success is your Mindset. It’s what separates successful people from unsuccessful ones, it’s why some people are able to live out their dreams while others struggle just to get through it all.

You know that success is within, if only you knew how to connect the dots between mindset and health.

Let’s talk about how that would look.